New Wave for Business

As Much or as Little as You Need at Work

The New Wave Business Plans offered below are suitable for small-to-medium-sized businesses, where shared bandwidth is acceptable. Those companies that require dedicated bandwidth should call David Lee at 1-620-496-5494 to discuss high-speed, high-availability bandwidth, called a point-to-point connection.

Business Options

  • Installation .$75 install charge ( $39 if a competitor switch over).
  • Always-on Secondary Business Broadband. Keep your business online. Subscribe to New Wave Broadband to insure that your service stays live, even if your primary provider goes down.
  • New Wave WiFi Hotspot. Offer free or paid wifi internet connections to your visitors or customers. Call us for details.
  • Business Network Insurance (highly recommended).  Accidents happen (electrical surges, mother nature, rodents, wear and tear, etc.). Avoid hourly service call rates for repairs and maintenance for just $4.95/month.

New Wave Broadband owns and maintains all New Wave radio and antenna equipment. A wired or wireless router or switch is required to connect more than one computer or device to the internet. A wireless router is required for connecting more than four computers/devices to the internet at once.


Business Now $55
Burst Speed 7 Mbps
Business Advantage $85
Burst Speed 8 Mbps
Business Today $125
Burst Speed 20 Mbps