New Wave for Residences

Residential Options

  • NO annual contracts. No credit check required. $75 install charge ( $39 if a competitor switch over). Equipment is installed by New Wave Broadband professionals and is owned by La Harpe Communications LLC.
  • New Wave Equipment Maintenance Insurance (highly recommended). Accidents happen (electrical surges, mother nature, rodents, wear and tear, etc.). Avoid hourly service call rates for repairs and maintenance for just $4.95/month.
  • Managed WiFi Router. Ask about our secure, state-of-the-art wireless router. Lease it for just $10.95/month (includes Equipment Maintenance Insurance).

A word about speed. Today and everywhere,  most customers demand internet service that permits them to watch videos on demand at good quality. Netflix, for example, needs about 3.0 Mbps (megabits per second) to play high-definition videos without pausing to buffer now and then. At lower speeds, Netflix adjusts automatically to standard definition. Another consideration is the number of net-connected devices most of us have in our houses. Some residences have a dozen or more connected devices, and often family members are on the web in several rooms at once. Wireless internet, provided by New Wave, can provide these speeds and more.

When choosing a plan, decide what’s important to you. Our “Better” plan is what most folks order. If you are not watching videos and want a lower-priced plan, consider the other choices. If you have someone in every room watching a different movie, while browsing YouTube on an iPad, consider our “Best for Video” plan.

Web Browsing $39.95
Burst Speed 5 Mbps
Getting started with the internet? Best value in Kansas.
Good $55
Burst Speed 7 Mbps
You always get more at New Wave Broadband!
Best for Video $95
Burst Speed 20 Mbps
The BEST fixed-wireless service in Kansas, for today's video subscribers.
The Speed of Video

watching tvDepending on local conditions, we are not able to offer all speeds to all residences. To find out if service is available at home, please review the plans below, then click on the Subscribe button or call us at 1-800-310-6625.

All of our plans include UNLIMITED data*. That means we don’t surprise you with huge bills for watching movies and sharing photos. And unlike satellite internet, we don’t slow down your service if you watch “just one more episode.”

New Wave Broadband - Coverage Map 10-14

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