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How to Request Service

New Wave Broadband offers a variety of plans for fixed-wireless connections to the internet for use at home and at work.

The first step is to get in touch, using this form or by
calling us at 1-800-310-6625.

Typical Rooftop Antenna

Typical Rooftop Antenna

We’ll check our engineering charts and see if your location is close to one of our towers. We will also do a preliminary check to see if there’s anything in the way of a clear line of sight between our tower and your address. If it looks good, we’ll work with you to set up an appointment for a New Wave installer to visit. If everything looks good then, the installer will set up the small antenna, run cabling, and configure a router.

If everything works perfectly, we’ll contact you to arrange payment.

If it happens that you’re too far from one of our towers, or if there’s something between where you are and the nearest tower, we’ll make a note of the problem and call you when we install additional capacity. Often, this resolves the issue, gaining us a valued customer and you a reliable connection to the internet.

Please review our commercial policies. Links on this page.

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